The Misconception People Have About Writers

The Misconception People Have About Writers

What is the service you are selling?

Why should people pay for your stuff?

While it’s easy to justify why people would pay good money for items bought in bulk in a Asian market, it’s not that simple to explain why people should pay me (and my team) for WORDS, for IDEAS, for simply sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day, stringing words together to make stories.

After all, there’s loads of FREE content, right?

I admit: Content is everywhere. But it ain’t free.

Because it’s everywhere, everyone takes it for granted. Like fresh air and clean water, no one really gives a hoot about these resources until they become precious and scarce.

Content only looks free.

All content is worth something – how much depends on its quality and the “process” behind its creation.

creative process infographic

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