The Meaning Of The Funny Text Message

The Meaning Of The Funny Text Message by Mona Diaz

The cell phones in our lives have gained a fundamental importance in everyone’s lives these days and the best part of which is funny text messages. People living in today’s world require not just working hard to stay a part of the fast moving life these days but they also need to relax for every now and then so that they refrain themselves from depression and the mental stress of work. Laughter is the best solution to this.

‘Bill’ Cosby a popular Western comedian quoted a real fact about the importance of humor in people’s lives. He said that through humor can you survive to the really hard blows that life gives you. He mentioned that when you find laughter, no matter how hard your situation is, you survive it.


Considerably, happiness can be known as the best medicine for any miseries and discomforts beneath one’s existence. The humor in one’s life pictures a soft reflection of him and protects him from the disturbing consequences of tension & anxiety. It is free of cost and strengthens the inner-self of a person.

Funny text messages not only elate the state of mind of people who are trapped in their daily routine but also provide opportunity to understand the wit behind the sense of humor of their friends and as a consequence develop an understanding of the way of thinking of other people around them.

Consider this joke, ‘Be polite to the smokers… The next cigarette might be their last’. It provides not just amusement to non-smokers but also gives a warning to the ones who smoke. Hidden sense is found in these jokes.

Being witty and sharp is what’s required by people to create and perceive funny text messages. They create awareness like, ‘Be nice to the ones who smoke… Every cigarette might be their last’. Therefore, they have many uses beside amusement.

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