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New and cool games are added to the iTunes store every single day. Some of these games need to be paid for and some can be downloaded for free. But the point is that no matter what, if you have your iPhone in hand, you could never feel bored. It could even be waiting at an airport for long hours; you could have fun while playing cool games on your iPhone.

AAA Memory Game

As a child you might have played this game with cards that need to be paired with the matching image but you’ll need to remember where the other card is placed. Well this game is based on the same principle; you’ll find tiles that lay face down with question marks on them and you have to pick the right pair. It has 16 levels of ascending difficulty and is a great way to test your memory!

Action Dot 2 Dot

This is a cool game where you have to connect dots to reveal hidden images and the faster you do it, the more rewards you win. There are totally 125 levels, split between 50 arcade levels and 5 worlds. Solve it and the world is yours! Requires good concentration and even helps increasing your concentration level overall. They also have options where you can play jus the arcade mode or the world mode or even the quick play which doesn?t have any levels but is there for a bit of quick fun.


‘So cute’ is what you’ll say when you first see this game. It has really neat visual effects of a blue sea and bubbles and every time you tap on a blow fish it will grow bigger and bigger and pop when a prickly little sea urchin comes its way. This game has unlimited levels and plenty of sea urchins too! For all those times when you’re tired and don’t want to trouble your mind any further, this game is perfect.

Bungee Boy

Swing from one building to another as you become Bungee Boy for a day, and have loads of fun. Get points as you pop balloons and stay away from the fire rings when you swing through the city. There are four difficulty modes for you to get through and there are no time limits. So play this addictive game as long as you want!

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