‘The Income Generating Business of Being Funny’ by Terry Sneed

For someone who wants to be a comedian, they should start with writing a routine to perform onstage. After creating an act, they will need to rehearse their monologue by first using an audio recorder and then performing in front of audiences. Once they are experienced, a comedian can sell their abilities to businesses and colleges as entertainment. If a person wants to work hard at it, they will find out how to make money with doing standup comedy.

To start training to be a comedian, a person should write a routine. Some have the ability to talk which will allow them to speak off the cuff but, for most, it is easier to have material written ahead of time. One of the best ways to write an act is to look to one’s own life for ideas. They will want to write in language that will sound natural when spoken audibly.

Figuring out the flow of a comedic routine can best be figured out by saying the words into a recorder. Anybody who has an act will want to record it, listen to the results, and then record it again. By repeating this process, they will improve their writing and learn to speak out loud.

Eventually a stand-up comedian will need to learn how to perform in front of an audience. They can go to a local comedy club and sign up for an amateur showcase to get this experience. But, to become comfortable in front of people they can also do community theater.

Once a person has some comedic experience, a good way to make a living is for them to offer their services to businesses. Many companies have conventions and meetings where they need entertainment. Often, they like to hire comedians.

A great way for a comedic performer to produce revenue is the college circuit. Schools often need ways to keep their students entertained. Appealing to these institutions has been a way for many top comics to find a way to becoming star performers.

Success on the comedy stage does not always come quickly. This is no reason for a comedian to become discouraged. There are many programs on television and award shows that need comedic talent. These jobs can be performance based but, they may also be possible writing gigs.

A person can not become a comedian just by being funny. They have to be willing to put in some hard work to find out how to make money with doing standup comedy. By creating a routine and selling themselves they can discover how to by funny for a living.


Standup comedies are really about being creative.


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