The Important Steps for Candle Making

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Candle making is very varied and you can make many different kinds of candles. The different candle making techniques you use will depend on the type of candle you are making. The most important part of making candle is getting the temperature of each step correctly. The temperature of the candle mold, the room temperature and the temperature of the wax are all crucial.

The pouring temperature is critical depending on the material you are using for the candles. You can use natural waxes, paraffin, gel or other materials. They all will come with a recommended pouring temperature and this should be followed when making candles. Some waxes such as natural waxes pour better at lower temperatures while others will need higher temperatures.

The temperature of the room you are making candles is also important. If the room is very cold then you may need to heat the wax to a higher temperature and if the room is very warm then the temperature does not need to be so high. You may find that you make the exact same candles at different times of the year and they will come out differently. This can be due to the different room temperature. The humidity of the room will also play a part in this.

Mold may need to be pre-heated or chilled. Most time the mold should be preheated to remove any moisture. If you are using very hot wax then you will not need to preheat the mold as much. Preheating should be done using a heat gun or heat lamp as they produce dry heat and will not add moisture.

Dyes are also used to color candles. All dyes are made of the three primary colors of blue, red and yellow. You can combine these colors to make secondary colors and then you can create any type or shade of color you want. The main problem with using dyes is getting a consistent color throughout the entire candle. This is easier to achieve when making larger batches of candles as measuring the dye is much easier.

There are many different types of dyes that include liquid dye, color blocks and powdered dyes. Liquid dyes can give you the best consistent color and are easy to use and mix into the melted wax.

Color blocks are easier to measure for large batches of candles and powdered dyes are great if you are on a budget as you only need a small amount of powder to create a great color. There are even eco friendly dies produced for vegetarian candles.

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