The Impact Of The Fender Strat Rock Guitar


Throughout the history of guitars, since it’s birth as an instrument, there have been several models and types that have made an impact. Not only just because of the way that the guitar has been built or that they feature the recent and most innovative designs and materials, but that they have been strummed by the best guitarists of all time.

The most popular guitar would be the Fender Stratocaster. First made by guitar making legend Leo Fender, founder of the world leading Fender Guitar company back in the 50s, the Stratocaster or Fender Strat as it is also called, has taken it’s place amongst the legends of rock. Now having a enthusiastic following from younger guitarists and vintage guitar experts alike, the Strat still leads the best of current popular rock groups.

The 1957 model of the Fender Stratocaster is probably considered to be the best and most collectable of the near 60 year run classic design. The 57 model features the famous 2 tone sun burst design, usually red and orange or yellow fading to black and can be seen being used by guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Metallica and Led Zeppelin during the recent years. After it’s inception all those years ago, the Strat was primarily used for playing blues style music until the likes of Jimi Hendrix blasted it into another world and started pushing the guitar and music to it’s limits and crashing into a new era. Jimi was one of many who was able to combine their talents with the Fender technicians and the team behind the Fender Custom Factory to make his own white signature model of Fender Strat. Leo Fender was famous for encouraging the worlds best guitarists to work along side them to not only design their own personally designed named models, but also re-evolve their existing designs through experimentation and customization.

The Fender Stratocaster has been used on a wide variety of different musical styles over the years from blues to thrash and jazz. It’s clean, clear sound lets the guitar player have the freedom to make any style and type of music accessible and the perfect build quality of each guitar is second to none. The main body of the strat is made from alder wood and the kneck is made from maple with a rosewood fretboard. The guitar includes a set of three single coil pickups which assists the generation of the the clean sound. There is a five way selector switch that allows you to switch between different combinations of the 3 pickups to produce very different tones and a series of volume and tone knobs.

The Strat is certainly one of the guitars that will go down in the annuls of time as being an almost perfect and extremely versatile instrument that had a hand in helping change the face of rock and roll and music made by guitars as we know it today. I am sure that Leo Fender was unaware that that when he first made the Strat in 1950, he would also be creating a cult and a legacy that will span well over 100 years.

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