The Illustration Work of Andre Junget

Located in the United States, freelancer Andre Junget has 3 main disciplines, which are Traditional Illustration, Architectural Illustration and Nature Illustration.

He has also won ASAI awards of excellence for his work in 2005, 2008 and 2009 to show for influence of his style of drawings and designs.

His recent work displays features of transport mechanisms, which are all outstanding illustrations as they look like a photographer has taken shots of them from a first look.

His piece Textile Machine looks like a photograph from its thumbnail but when you take a closer look, you can see the time and detail spent on this one illustration alone.

A master of water colours and coloured stencils, he is able to create a wider range of illustrations for his portfolio. He uses coloured pencils and pastels in his piece Inspiration Point, which is a beautiful landscape looking out over houses and the hills with trees.

Andre’s work is considered to be a very analogue, traditional type of designing and he believes that architecture has somewhat left the building so he is trying to reinvent himself to create a genre that could another career for him.

In 2007, Andre was elected to the Society of Illustrators, which is a life long dream of his. He also practises a wide variety of architectural illustration styles and continues to develop his brand, his trademark illustration style for his clients and collectors.

Andre has inspired many people to improve and enhance their drawing skills. If you looking for inspiration and advice then you could either get in direct contact will him, or find many other artists who product similar type of work. If you do a search on Google you will find a host of talented pencil artists who actually make a living from portrait creations. One piece of advice for those aspiring artists, always make sure you produce work that you enjoy, in terms of the theme and ethics behind it. This will keep you going when you face difficulties and help you to enjoy what you get paid for.

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