The Hitchhikers Guide To Backpacking


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One of the most personal ways through which you could see the world is by backpacking. No other activity would offer you such a complete knowledge of the land. You surely should try it one day. But before you set out on your adventure, be sure that you have the most necessary item for backpacking. What is it, you inquire? Easy: A Backpack. Picking a backpack, however, is not a simple issue of simply just picking the most inexpensive or even choosing the one you think is pretty. Beauty has little to do with backpacking. It is practicality that is most important. So saying, here are the factors that you have to take note of when you purchase your backpack.

Number of Pockets

Pockets make it much simpler for you to find an item quickly, especially if your things are well organized. With pockets, you won’t have to search around in your bag, trying to find a particular item. They’re ideal for smaller items like matches, cell phones, and cameras — those things that you usually need more often than other equipment and you thus need easier access to whenever you go backpacking. When you purchase your backpack, be sure that it has a sufficient amount of pockets for all your most important things.


Another thing that is of utmost importance is the strength of your bag. Make sure the material is sturdy so that the bag will last long and won’t tear while you’re on your backpacking trip. Some low quality bags have cloths that are easily destroyed with the wear and tear of traveling. The material becomes thinner and thinner and before you know it, it will burst at the most inopportune moment and your belongings will be spilling out. For that reason, you should take along some thread and a needle when you go backpacking as a precaution. People often forget these thing, only to regret it later. Also, you should make sure that your backpack is Water resistant. Should you encounter rain showers when you go backpacking, it would be of prime importance that none of your items get soaked.


Backpacks are meant to be donned around the torso, so be sure the bag fits you. A backpack that is too large would be too awkward to carry around, and so would one that is too small. So, when you buy your bag, try it out first and check if it’s the right size for you.

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