The Green Energy Home Dream

With all the solutions in home energy technology, it is more simple than ever to move forward moving your house into a solar energy home. A solar energy home utilizes renewable resources to provide light, hot water, heat and peace of mind.

There are thousands of ways to implement your energy power home plan. The first is green energy. In a green energy home you can install solar hot water panels which heat and hold water

If you are just building your lake house, a smart way to make it a green home is to implement passive solar design during construction. This means taking advantage of south facing sides of the lake house for heating and cooling. By installing lots of highly efficient windows and heat retaining bricks and stone on your south facing areas, you are taking advantage of passive solar techniques to develop your green energy home.

Another addition to the green energy home would be a windmill Windmills are used to generate electricity from the renewable resource wind. On rooftops windmills can be installed or in yards and offer pollution free electric. Windmills can be purchased from retailers or there are a wide variety of affordable kits available for the motivated do-it-yourselfers to handle the implementation of their own solar energy home plans.

If you have a creek on your property, you may also add to the efficiency of your green energy home with hydroelectric power. This is also a great pollution free option that is easy to maintain and works as long as there is water available.

The ultimate solar energy home would combine all of these resources. By using wind, water and solar to generate electricity you are looking not only at huge savings and possible profits from your electricity usage, but you would truly be green as each of these options contributes little to global warming. To further combine passive solar design and solar hot water systems, you are reducing your energy needs exponentially and truly living the dream of going green.

A green energy home doesn’t require more maintenance than traditional homes. Solar technologies require little to no maintenance and wind and water turbines require only regular oiling for peak performance. There is no better time to create your green energy home and start living your dreams in green.

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