The Garden Wedding Has Become A Tradition In The 21st Century

Summerbride. Ref:

Summerbride. Ref:

Traditions regarding weddings have changed quite dramatically in the 21st Century and as the summer months, namely May to August is the wedding season, it makes sense to have a garden wedding. Conventional wedding venues are falling by the wayside as couples opt to get married in their parents’ gardens, national parks, beaches, vineyards and even the zoo.

It is ideal to have a summer wedding out of doors as the long afternoons can be taken advantage of and can you just imagine exchanging wedding vows with a striking sunset as your backdrop. It doesn’t get much better than that. Unfortunately a sunset is not made to order, but you never know and you might get lucky.

Organizing a garden wedding means you are able to keep things simple. Fresh cut flowers such as sunflowers make for striking centerpieces, and fresh fruit and even vegetables may be used in your flower arrangements. One very good summery idea is to fill glass vases or bowls with bright yellow lemons and make use of gingham tablecloths. To light the garden you can use candles, or even string up lanterns.

If the garden setting you use is in full bloom it is hardly even necessary to purchase flowers for decor. Garden weddings are elegant in their simplicity however a plan “B” must be in place for inclement weather. This is easily achieved with the hire of a wedding marquee, or the erection of temporary gazebos for the event. It is necessary to have some kind of shelter available as it can rain, even in the summer time.

Also make sure that you are prepared for the invasion of garden wildlife, this includes mosquitoes, flies or bees. These can be easily controlled by lighting citronella candles around the garden and the light from these will add to the special ambiance of your setting. Incense sticks, especially for the garden can also be used, and these actually do work to keep away pesky flies and other insects.

A summer wedding in a garden, in the evening is delightful, there are no strict dress rules for your guests, however the trick is to dress elegantly without being too casual. The bride’s dress should never be longer than ankle length as this may be difficult to manage in a garden setting. Trains are not a good idea either as they may become soiled or even worse, torn. Leave the beads and sequins at home and dress simply.

Because the weather is warm in the summer, the bride and bridal party are able to wear outfits that are cool. They can be strapless or sleeveless, and hairstyles should also take the weather into account. The humidity can affect your hairstyle and having an upswept style, may be the most practical approach. Tucking a single flower into the hair also looks elegant and summery.

This also goes for the bridal gown too, the hot weather means that the a traditional wedding dress does not have a place and the dress should not be too bulky. Use of light summer fabrics is recommended, and silk, organdy, chiffon, crepe and georgette are recommended.

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