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‘Veggie Wedgie’ (Err …ok choose your own title…)

You will need:

Investment £200


Cardboard boxes

A flyer and calling cards.


Approach local farms and market gardeners and orchard owners and order a range of produce of eight ‘in season’ vegetables on a phone and collect basis.

Organise cards and flyers like this one from Vistaprint

Please read this before you shop for fruit vegetables again

According to the USDA, the fruits and vegetables we eat today may contain significantly fewer nutrients than those our grandparents ate. Researchers looked at 43 produce items and discovered drops in protein (6 percent), calcium (16 percent), iron (15 percent), riboflavin (38 percent), and vitamin C (20 percent). Your move: Eat more fruits and vegetables.

“We put you in the know and tell you where it grows” for the discerning consumer

Wholesome . Homegrown . Handpicked

Harvested by hand on the day . When you buy box it is delivered the same day of lifting….

8 organic choices in a Gourmet box. Gleaned for you the natural food items from every corner of the Fenland home-growing community. There are up to fifty varieties available for order at any one time.

Plucked from the rich Fen soil locally . Naturally ripened. No refrigeration. No mass production. No phosphates or nitrates (fresh manure only). No machine processes. From ‘Pulling to Pot’ within 12 hours.

Better to eat vegetables and fear no creditors, than eat duck and hide from them.
– The Talmud

Our Luxury Gourmet Boxes contain 8 different vegetable varieties to feed a family for a week. Phone for your Gourmet Box and ask for any additional items. All vegetables are grown organically in private gardens and allotments no more than 25 miles radius of Cambridge. Gourmet Boxes are £25 a box (as illustrated)

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
– Hippocrates

This is a great value Bespoke Luxury Personal Delivery Service: These items are not stocked. You order a Gourmet Box and our growers harvest your items on site there and then. We pick up your items and bring it to your table. Our Guarantee? If you are not totally satisfied with the service we refund.  No question. Price Comparison?  Of course mass produced vegetables  items can be bought for less from the major supermarkets but they should contain a government health warning!

This is where things get CRAZY….

Take a sample box to friends and neighbours or advertise by putting calling cards through doors in residential areas.

Pick up your veggies and deliver on a Friday and have the rest of the week free.

You can fill a box with up to 10 fresh and tasty vegetables for around £10.

Resell for £25

Get  just 20 customers buying each week and do the math!

A fun flexible business that will like your fruit and veg grow organically.

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