The Fugitive ‘Cash In a Flash’ #2

The ‘Game of Life’ Wilderness Kitchen

You will Need:


A large fire-pit with charcoal & split logs(Pit to be I meter across)

A small portable garden gazebo

Paper plates & napkins

Meat /Bread baps & rolls

Various sauces

Wallpaper pasting tables and collapsible stools

Fresh meat: Not frozen. Choose steak chicken filleted fish.

You can be as adventurous as you like with your cooking but don’t overstock.

Have a pot of chilli or curried meat and onions/rabbit stew cooking on another pit if you like and serve with jacket potatoes in foil.

Method: Brush up your wilderness skills with a cook-out with friends and family. Serve cold drinks or coffee.

When you feel confident set up your field kitchen inside a gazebo (one from Argos is about £30) Set up some tables and chairs for your events.

Phone up shooting clubs and airsoft or paintball contacts. Leave flyers with interested parties.

Here’s Where It Gets Crazy!

Price your burgers dogs and kebabs at 500% profit. Remember you have costs like charcoal/meat/breadrolls&drinks+pitch costs.

Price your menu & set up 2 hours before your gig.

Why not pre-prepare a pot of chilli with jacket potatoes left in the hot coals in tinfoil?

Cater for 40 people solo but get an assistant for anymore than that.

The Math: Burger & drink per person plus a jacket potato with chilli £6 (example only)

That’s a profit of £5.

40 orders 40x£5=£200 profit for around 6 hours work?

Can you handle it?

Here is my flyer. Bear in mind, this poster is designed for game cooking at a wedding, but if that seems a bit ambitious, burgers, dogs, and steak kebabs,’taters’ are just as popular for regular events.

“The Game Of Life” Hunters Lodge Cookout

Real Fire Charcoal & Log Flame-grilled Game Cooked For Up to 300 people

‘The Hunters Lunch’ for your Indoor and Outdoors event.

Weddings Birthdays Hunts  Rough shoots  corporate Pub events beach parties equine camping

Typical Hunter Lunch Choices:

1st Rabbit, Pigeon or Squirrel Soup with carrots spinach and new potatoes.

2nd Pig,  Sheep or Venison in a burger and bap with Jerk sauce.

3rd Hot Wilderness Mashed Stew with highland ground beef, chilli-beans & British Dumplings

4th Seared BBQ Chicken with stir-fried  veg.

5th Jacket potato and flame grilled bacon with salad and mature grated cheddar.

6th Children: Chunky Chicken kebabs dipped in batter and fruit fritters with chocolate sauce

7th Hot Fresh Coffee or Fruit and Spiced Punch

Minimum 30 guests. 4hrs@ £12 per head. Longer hire by negotiation. 50% deposit required

(Fish Pheasant Alpaca & Ostrich subject to availability and price) Please book at least 2 weeks in advance

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