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This is me at 26 years old at 11 stone. 30 years on the middle age spread turned into a “Silent Assassin”.

I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

So, now I guess I have to do something drastic apart from wire my jaw together…because I love my food! But I love LIFE MORE!

Forgive me everyone, but first of all big thank you to all those who helped me with my new ‘disease’.  BTW this  info helped me so much I jammed the knowledge into a 100 page book called!


I’m 56. I’m overweight. I was only very recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I didn’t realise how much being a just 7.5 on the lowest glucose test and having high triglycerides could affect so many areas of my life since September last year, when tests were first done?

“You have to lose 50lbs!” the nurse said or risk I would risk further health issues like blindness, amputation, pancreas failure, you name it! The nurse really bent my ear. I was given the most boring menu plan. I love my food! (I didn’t get this size by accident!)I felt suicidal! Until I started researching how others treat this all too common ‘incurable’ disease naturally through gentle exercise and a small bag of chopped fruit and veggies a day and baby steps.


Yes, I yawned at first too! But then I looked at the inside of my cooker and realised my arteries were probably just as sticky with death-dealing fat too! I didn’t want to die through not making one or two tiny changes in my lifestyle! Then EUREKA I got talking to some sufferers on the web! It was a REVELATION! I listened to their tales of simple self-healing and VOILA! I’m losing 2lbs a week effortlessly with just 2 small changes in my diet and 15-30 minutes a day walking to get a paper. I used to have 2 rounds of toast and some muesli and need to sleep for an hour unable to fight the fatigue through my wild sugar swings! This plan rocks!

OMG the energy I have now is incredible! I decided to feature on my own websites all the ‘best of the best’ online? You can get great fun recipes for a healthier free lifestyle easily! Some wonderful true stories and footage of surviving diabetes and other health issues featured and so much practical and effective help is out there for us guys. What’s your story?

The FREE book “Ely Comes Together To Beat Diabetes” is a story of a community of people that helped me and were determined to show me a simple change in habits can make fabulous health changes. With a no-nonsense approach to tackling diabetes and beating and eliminating it within weeks not months. Its a must read for the un-diagnosed too!

Damn that Diabetes! But You Can Beat it!


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