The First American Motorcycle Brand Indian Motorcycle

Indian Scout 1924. Ref:

Indian Motorcycle dealers are planning great things ahead even though the market is slow. America got its first motorcycle from Indian Motorcycle. Though the production was almost nil by’53 Indian Motorcycle Dealer is heading towards a reentry in the manufacturing field with plans to 50 new motorcycle by 2011…..

Indian Motorcycle Company was building standard motorcycles through the’20 and 30s. With the boom in production they managed to sell 5000 Chiefs with side cars to France during World War II. In 2009 the new Indian Motorcycle Company opened its international dealership in Paris keeping up with the tradition.

Though the Indian motorcycle brand has been owned by three different manufacturers over the past century, the devoted following of these bikes has remained strong throughout. Currently, the company manufactures motorcycles in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Dealerships of Indian Motorcycle Company have been set up in several places, Lowell NC being the first one to be set up in 2008. It may not have been in production for a long time but the demand for Indian Chief bike is quite large. People want the bike because they feel it has a distinctive background which is attached to the history of US.

The first dealership which opened in Lowell in October 2008 has beautiful architectural designs and it is a predecessor of the later major dealerships that deal with marketing of Indian motorcycle. Outside the faade of the Lowell structure you will see a 50 foot high Indian “front fender” made of stainless steel above which an Indian head is fixed with lights at the top.

The view is no less striking from inside the dealership: a revolving turntable proudly displays the new Indian Chief. Video screens throughout run videos of the history of this remarkable brand.

For those old fashioned people who still admire the Indian brand of motorcycle a dealership in Charlotte has number of parts from the “Gilroy era” (1999-2003). You can visit this dealership Indian Motorcycle when you are in Charlotte and procure some of these parts as they will get it for you.

Since the October 2008 grand opening in Lowell, Indian motorcycle dealerships have opened in Omaha, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Paducah, Witchita, Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa/St. Pete, Minneapolis, Scranton, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and North Jersey.

There are plans for the company to expand as it is preparing to team up with true motorcycle enthusiasts who are businessmen and open more dealership so you can look forward to more dealerships in future. With a history which goes back to the beginning of 20th century, 2010s can be taken as the finest period of the company in the recent times.

Indian motorcycle dealers offer a variety of after sales services. If you are looking for an Indian scout motorbike please follow the hyperlinks.

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