The Doberman and the Chihuahua

The Doberman and the Chihuahua

When I first met Jack, who later became my husband, he warned me to beware of his dog when visiting him, as it was a fierce guard dog.

When I got out of my car on my first visit to his home, this lovely Doberman bounded up to me. I naturally made a fuss of him, and he proceeded to lick me all over.

I naturally asked Jack where his guard dog was, and he replied that this was his guard dog. I presumed that the dog recognized the scent of Jack on my clothes. I accepted this to be the reason for the dog’s friendliness, but the same thing happened when my daughter, Valerie, came along. I think he must have sensed that we both loved dogs. Valerie bred Chihuahuas.

When she gave me one of her Chihuahua pups, I used to walk both dogs at the same time. The pup was cute enough to walk under the Doberman to keep out of the sun. This brought many smiles and comments from passers by, as you can imagine.

But would you believe it? The Doberman was scared of the pup. When it wanted to play, he slunk away, a miserable look on his face.. In the end, I had to give the pup back to Valerie as it was terrorising the Doberman so.

Sadly, the Doberman was poisoned by the a neighbours, and died a cruel death.

– June Baker
Minto, New South Wales, Australia.

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