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If you’ve never had a tattoo before, you may not know where to find the best designs to express your very personal message. Many tattoo artists have their own websites where they display their artwork. The are also dozens of sites that are devoted to aficionados of tattoos and body art. These sites also feature designs and photos of tattoos. Most local artists have portfolios showing their work. You can also look at clip art and flash art designs online and offline to get ideas that work for you.

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Whether or not a person makes a deliberate choice to make a statement, or simply chooses a design which appeals to them, tattoos reveal the personality of the person who chooses them. If you choose an existing design, or design your own artwork, you tattoo will make a statement about who you are. You may wish to combine elements from several designs to create something that’s yours alone.

If you are getting a tattoo simply because it’s trendy, you may want to reconsider. Tattoos are permanent and will be with you the rest of your life. Many people get tattoos as memorials to lost loved ones or to remember an important event in their lives.

Are you commemorating a special day in your life? Are you trying to represent a social or political statement? Do you want to tell people about your convictions and beliefs? Or you just want to follow the trend and be as cool as everybody else?

If you have decided on the particular statement you want your tattoo to make, you need to consider how best to express it. Many people chose an animal to represent a lost loved one, or a heart or floral design. Deciding on your theme is the first step.

Some people chose there tattoos from avatars or cartoon or animated characters that they relate with themselves. Japanese graphic novels, American comic books and other illustrated material can be a rich source of design. If you have a particular favorite, this may be a good choice. Some people like nature imagery while others may prefer oriental designs. Consider your choices carefully before making a final decision.

Because your hobbies tell what you like and what you enjoy the most, it will be helpful if you try to associate the things you love to do like surfboarding, riding horses or motorcycles to your tattoo design. Other things to consider are your CD collection, your photo album and even fine art museums.

The richest source of ideas comes from the Internet. Check out some online forums and chat rooms and discuss design ideas with the a group with whom you find common ground. They ca direct you to the best tattoo artists and design sources and give you ideas for your tattoo.

This is also a place where you can meet a really cool and experienced tattooist who can grant you the tattoo design that you desire. A good tattoo artist will listen to your tattoo ideas and will draw your body art in a more beautiful and stunning approach than what you have pictured on your mind.

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