The Art of Nude Photography – Taking Good Female Forms

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In general, it is highly agreed that the female form is much more beautiful to look at then the male form. The most common reasons for this include that women have curves while men are more muscular as well as the male body being perceived as more ‘functional’. Combine these reasons with the fact that throughout history, most artists have been male and you see the reason for the preference of female nude photography rather than male.

What determines a quality nude female photograph? There are three main principles.

1 – It should be interesting to look at

Nude female photography falls into the category of “Fine Art.” This means the image of the female form is captured and displayed in an interesting way. In order to achieve this, most photographers prefer black and white photography. This method allows for full light, shadow, shape and contrast to be achieved.

2 – It should be anonymous

Nude photography is not about the person in the photo. It is primarily about showcasing the female form. Therefore, in most nude photography the face is generally hidden. This is different from portrait photography as its main goal is to feature the person or display their personality. Nude photography utilizes the body as a general category, the category of “women’s bodies.”

3 – It should be non-sexual

Nude photography is an art form as it depicts the female form in interesting views for people to ponder upon the beauty of nature. There is a difference between nude photography and erotic photography with the latter having a purpose of titillating or arousing the viewer. While the difference between the two may be small, it is the intent of the photo that must be considered.

Due to the fact that everyone’s perception of what is considered sexual and non-sexual is different, most nude photographers place the female genitals in shadows or dark areas. This is done to keep the focus on the art that is trying to be depicted. Nude photography is another way for artists to display the beauty of differences in nature.

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