Tell Me Why Do I Need A Book Reviewer?

There are two huge reasons why you must get book reviews for your just completed book.

The first one is that it is imperative for your development as a writer to receive independent opinions on your manuscript. These will highlight any strengths and weaknesses apparent in your work and allow you to adjust your writing style to eliminate the weaknesses and accommodate the strengths.

The book reviews should be independent and fair. Letting your friends and family read your book is a perfect way to get complementary feedback which will help you on to completing your work, but these clearly aren’t regarded as an impartial book review. Only when a stranger, with no ulterior motive, gives a book review of your epic, can you be certain that it is worthwhile to others.

You don’t have to only get a book review done when your book is completed. It’s a smart idea to get an initial book review done about halfway through your book as to whether you’re heading in the right direction, from a commercial point of view. It could save you hours – even days of effort – provided you take into account the findings of the book review, which allows you to correct the issues brought up.

You can then continue with your book until the end, without needing to do a massive re-write. Once you’re done with the book, you can get more book reviews on your completed manuscript.

Provided the book reviewer’s comments are positive, you can quote exerts from them when preparing a book proposal. This is the second reason for obtaining a book review.

If your book has already been accepted for publication, book reviews can be quoted either on the back cover or on a book review page at the beginning of the book to hook in readers.

If the comments are negative, you can fix the issues raised during another round of editing or re-write portions of the book to produce a better finished product.

Book reviews are vital to your marketing efforts and you should obtain as many as you can. However it often takes a book reviewer 3 or 4 months to produce a book review. Factor this into your time-frame for marketing so that it is handled properly. You should start marketing your book at least 3 months for it is published. Publishing itself can take up to a year.

Getting a book out into the world is not a fast process, so be patient, be persistent and get book reviews to help you along this path.

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Rose O’Flynn

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