Techniques To Stop Worrying Right Now

You have the techniques to stop worrying, within yourself, to stop worrying. You may not realize that fact unless someone tells you. Once you know it though, it’s freeing. Worry is nothing but a stress maker that causes a load of problems, and it stops you from enjoying life on a daily basis.

Worry starts in your mind, one thought can start it whirling out of control. That thought usually starts off something like this, what if? All of the sudden you start focusing on that question and don’t even try to answer the question rationally.

If you don’t get a hold of it from the very beginning, then it can spiral out of control. You start getting scared, at something that is so minor, although it doesn’t feel minor. But if you can ask your self, what’s the worst thing that can happen, when that question comes to your head. You’re going to see for yourself that the worse thing that can happen, isn’t even usually bad.

You worry over some things that are trivial usually, and blow them up to become huge mentally. For an example, if you know you’re car is acting up, but you have to drive it anyways before you have time to have it checked out. Then that question comes into your thoughts, and you scare yourself. What if it breaks down, what if I get stuck on the freeway, and on and on.

Well then ask yourself what’s the worse thing that could happen. So even though it’s not fun having your car break down, or getting stuck on the freeway, really though, it’s not something that should stress your life out to the point of fear, or anxiety or panic. And if you don’t get a hold of this worry, fear, what ever you want to call it, then it will get worse.

It’s proven that your brain does not know the difference between fact or fiction. You’re able to make your brain react the way you want, with practice. So after much practice, and a “what if?” comes into thought, it will not affect you in a negative way any more. You learn to put that question at bay by answering the question with answers that prove nothing real bad is going to happen.

The techniques to stop worrying and to keep a handle on worry is all within yourself. You have the ability to calm your thoughts down, and to calm your body. Panic is something you feel when you’re being attacked by someone with a gun, and that’s a good thing, it’s the fight or flight response. But panic on a daily basis when nothing devastating is really happening is pointless. And it’s controllable by you.

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