Smoking Bans Are History With Electric Cigarettes

The National Smoking Ban law throughout the state is a hassle to many smokers. Thank God electric cigarette were invented. This unique innovation is known to satisfy the urge of smoking within the public places such as restaurants, pubs and even inside the office. It is a solution to avoid violating the smoking ban. E-cigarette, e-cig or personal vaporizer has a wide variety of color, flavor, and size. This futuristic product resembles the regular cigarette without being hazardous to the environment and our health. It is fashionably designed to appeal to the young generation of smokers seeking a healthier, safer and earth-friendly option towards the need to huff and puff tobacco product. Three e-cig is approximately half pack to one and a half pack of tobacco or ten to thirty cigarette sticks however be reminded that it is not cessation product to stop the habit. Websites such as Gammucci and are just a few online shop that offers this line of product.

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