Double Take – Einstein


When Albert Einstein was making the rounds of the speaker’s circuit, he usually found himself eagerly longing to get back to his laboratory work. One night as they were driving to yet another rubber-chicken dinner, Einstein mentioned to his chauffeur (a man who somewhat resembled Einstein in looks & manner)…

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Perry & Terry Pet Hates “Idle Stool anaylsts that just go through the motions’

“Forever poised between cliché and indiscretion”~ (Harold MacMillan born 1894) Grave diggers who don’t take their work seriously enough. People who admit to having faults, but argue being wrong isn’t one of them? People who live in palatial homes but insist on baking their own bread? Gynaecologists who won’t look…

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5 Famous types of Quotes

Quotes are not just few words once said by great peoples, but they are pearls of wisdom that can change the way you think. They inspire and motivate you to do things which yon think you can not do. Reading them takes a few seconds, but they can change your whole life. They make you realize that fact that nothing is impossible. They guide you on the path of love, care, concern and success. There are so many types of quotes available on different subjects like Family Quotes, Funny Quotes, Love Quotes, Motivational, inspirational, food, success, leadership, anger and hundred of others.

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