Embroidered Animation Created Using Vinyl Records

Embroidered Animation Created Using Vinyl Records

Elliot Schultz designed embroidered animations to be played on a turntable.


Embroidered Zoetrope from Elliot Schultz on Vimeo.

This project encourages viewers to watch and engage with animation physically.

Discs were created with animated sequences embroidered onto their surface. They have been designed to be played on standard turntables and their shape and size is inherited from 10″ vinyl records. The animation is activated when a strobe light illuminates the discs in sync with the embroidered frames of animation.

This work was completed for my degree project at the ANU School of Art in 2013.

For more information on the project including process shots, check it out on my website: http://elliotschultz.com/work/embroidered-zoetrope/

‘Educator’ by Melt


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