Stepping Stones: The Essentials Of Astral Projection

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In order to learn astral projection, you need to try and harness a tactic that your body already implements on its own. Most importantly, before trying to project, you need to actually believe that it occurs; you cannot travel the astral plane unless you initially believe out-of-body experiences are real. It would be like trying to adhere to a faith that you felt was not real…you’d be going through the motions, but your mind and soul wouldn’t be in it and you would not feel the same kinds of successes your peers feel who do believe in said devotion.

The power of belief can apply to anything spiritual or paranormal – if you believe in aliens, you’ll be more inclined to suspect extraterrestrial activity when something odd is occurring in the sky. If you believe in ghosts, you might be more likely to see an entity or feel the effects of the presence of one than someone who does not believe. If your mind already feels projection is not possible, you will need to put up a fight with your own mind to convince yourself otherwise, and you need all the mental clarity and potency you can muster in order to project.

If believing is not the issue, the next step is to examine the circumstances under which projection occurs. Most astral travel conditions are less than ideal to the typical person…distress, anger, illness, near-death, surgery, extreme pain, accidents or death. However, the one that is the most bearable and least risky is fatigue; after all, you can project any time you are asleep and that won’t hurt you, so unless you are willing to subject yourself to any of the aforesaid provisions, go with fatigue.

The most important parts of the astral projection process are relaxing and entering a semi-conscious state of mind. You cannot project willfully if you are not relaxed (which seems to contradict the previous theory that stress can cause projection) and if you are too alert or not alert enough. If you enter a state of meditation and allow yourself to slip slowly out of total consciousness, you will reach the hypnagogic state.

This is the point of attentiveness between being awake and being asleep, where you are just “out” enough for your body to have a loosened grip on the astral being, but just “there” enough to have a little control over the situation. You need that minor attention in order to block out distractions, should any arise; you will also need the concentration to not allow yourself to get distracted by the sensations you will feel as your soul begins to break free.

Many beginning astral travelers will get frightened by the all-over bodily vibrations they feel when they deeper into the process of projection and this fear can scare them out of their trance and thus ruin the endeavor toward leaving the body. The key here is to pay no heed to these sensations you feel and to only focus on your astral soul’s departure from the earthly body.

So, in conclusion, what you must learn in order to successfully project are belief, relaxation, and concentration. Without these, you will not be able to project.

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