Song of Paul

Song of Paul

I’m a Native of Western, Pennsylvania. I was born just outside Pittsburgh in 1963, and have lived in Long Beach, Southern California since 1990.

I’m a fitness buff, a chronic camper/hiker – “Give me a wilderness whose glance no civilization can endure.” The author whose identity I’m going to task you to guess, sums up the gist of the Golden State, although he was a 19th Century New England Transcendentalist. He may not even have set eyes on California while writing the essay from which I cite. Beyond the freeways, smog and people, this is a place of unparalleled, vast, contrasting natural wonder and stunning beauty. This is my home – and that was a very good hint.

People frequently ask me if my son accompanies his dad on all those trips into the wild. It depends whether conditions and location permit. The majority of National and State parks are very family friendly in terms of infrastructure and access to immediate medical service. Therefore it’s often about weather and distance, since he’s still very young, so that determines whether he comes or not. Fortunately for me, at least, there have been quite a few trips which have met this standard. I more or less plan them with him in mind.

And what about mom? Sadly, we broke it off a little while ago, we’re still friendly and we share a remarkable child after all. She’s to re-marry fairly soon. I’m not, although it’s a near term /far term objective .

I have been employed as an Economist with the U.S. Dept. of Labor since early 1991.

My friends are an eclectic, sordid, ironic confederation of functioning dunces and known malcontents with ” Mob ties”. They are too numerous to cite by name and who, by proximity, suggest a more sinister side to my character.

I enjoy books on a wide ranging subjects and themes, with a soft spot for “Classics” – Euro, AMR and Russian. I’m a Novice Religion and philosophical scholar dude In other words, I was into New Age long before it was known by that name. I’m a big classical music fan, and just as big a Jazz fan. I guess I’m an Art Lover too. I saw the van Gogh exhibit in LA last week, I saw the Vermeer exhibit in Washington DC a couple of years ago. I planned my vacation with it in mind as well as an Olmec exhibit in DC the following year.

I like women and they seem to like me too. I’m old enough to sincerely say that I’m looking for a commitment without blushing.

I’m also proud of my African and Native American lineage [about as American as, say, apple pie or better still Jazz].

These are just a few of my favorite things.

Then what about my dislikes? I respond to negative situations [and people] in the predictable fashion as opposed to appealing to my higher nature.

I’ve got a tendency toward introspection, which has led to my being accused of aloofness along with intellectual arrogance. My biggest dislike is any degree of intolerance in myself as well as others. Others I can forgive, myself it’s Tough – because I know better.

It’s been my good fortune to travel on a somewhat recurring basis with the job. I’ve been just about everywhere in the good old USA, and that includes Alaska and Hawaii and, in most cases, have spent longish time periods in each place – a unique and priceless education

There you have it,
that’s the
Song of Myself.

– Paul Stewart
Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

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