Social Media Methods for Generating Word of Mouth

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4 Social Media Methods for Generating Word of Mouth


Want to get people talking Want to use social media to generate word of mouth Here s a secret there are really only 4 ways to do it Social Media

Social Media Tool #1:  Value

I don’t know about you, but I could go for a Grand Slam Breakfast from Denny’s.  Mmm.  Bacon and eggs.  The truth is, I stayed far away from Denny’s – until they offered me a free meal .  How about two pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken?  Or a Starbucks iced coffee?.  All free.  Get yours today only.  Hurry!

The reality is free has jumped the shark .  It’s become the fastest, shortest route to creating demand.  Free used to be a brand cheapener.  Now it’s a brand’s best friend.

Post recession, it’s even cool again to cut coupons (buyers redeemed 3.3 billion coupons in 2009, a 27% increase from the year before).  There’s no shame in hanging out on fatwallet.comor sharing the secrets to double airline miles on .

Marketers have realized that if you provide incredible value, consumers will line up around the block for you.  Of course, you’ll probably run out of chicken, which is exactly the fantastic PR you were hoping for.  Read More

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