Smoking Bans Are History With Electric Cigarettes

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The National Smoking Ban law throughout the state is a hassle to many smokers. Thank God electric cigarette were invented.

This unique innovation is known to satisfy the urge of smoking within the public places such as restaurants, pubs and even inside the office. It is a solution to avoid violating the smoking ban.

E-cigarette, e-cig or personal vaporizer has a wide variety of color, flavor, and size. This futuristic product resembles the regular cigarette without being hazardous to the environment and our health. It is fashionably designed to appeal to the young generation of smokers seeking a healthier, safer and earth-friendly option towards the need to huff and puff tobacco product.

Three e-cig is approximately half pack to one and a half pack of tobacco or ten to thirty cigarette sticks however be reminded that it is not cessation product to stop the habit. Websites such as Gammucci and are just a few online shop that offers this line of product.

Electronic cigarette is an earth-friendly product that does not emit any poisonous chemicals unlike a regular cigarette that contains 4,000 toxins. It is safe to the environment and our health.

It is also budget friendly which can save you loads of cash. The price of electronic cigarette does not include disturbing sales tax per state that is present on all tobacco cigarettes.

With the application of advance science in creating this product, the inventors was able to create an item that does not produce smoke for it does not require any flame. Therefore it could not cause fire due to negligence of use of smoking paraphernalia or produce carbon monoxide that is poisonous to health. Unlike regular cigarettes, it does not leave foul odors everywhere including the hands, hair and breathe. The result usually ends up as a headaches and nausea. Manufacturers claim that smoking everywhere is possible with this unique product. It does not stain the teeth or cause lung cancer.

The revolutionary electronic cigarette is manufactured without the use of tobacco, tar or other toxins that is found in regular cigarettes. It uses nicotine solutions that turns into vapor when used. Introductory kits contain three elongated tubes, three cartridges with atomizer and rechargeable batteries with three years warranty. It is sold to individuals 18 years old and above with the exception of breastfeeding or pregnant women. It is not suggested to a person who does not smoke.

Most components of the electronic cigarettes are reusable, refillable and replaceable. Cartridges for example can be refilled with nicotine liquid also known as e-liquid. It is available in 16mg nicotine for high strength, 12mg nicotine for medium strength, 6mg nicotine for low, and no nicotine cartridges with 0mg nicotine. E-liquid also known as nicotine juices has a variety of flavors available in the market. Traditionally it comes in Tobacco and Menthol flavor. However with the young generation in mind additional flavors were added such as Chocolate, Cappuccino and others.

Atomizer can either be disposable or replaceable. Built-in atomizers can be referred to as cartomizers. This electronic device is responsible of turning the nicotine solution into vapors.

Lighters, matches or any flammable materials are not needed to light the electronic cigarette. It is battery operated without the risk of fire outbreak. Each kit come with two 3. 7 volt lithium-ion batteries is rechargeable and can be reused alternatively.

Electric cigarettes commonly referred to as Personal Vaporizer cleverly tastes and feels a cigarette but without the tar or tobacco. This revolutionary product is designed as an alternative to satisfy the sensation to constantly smoke. More info now on categories: habits, addiction, smoking, health, food

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