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Not all wedding photos need to look the same (though after you’ve looked through the gallery of the umpteenth wedding photographer, it might seem like it).

You can get unique wedding photography by 1) choosing the right photographer and 2) making sure your voice is heard by that photographer.

The first tenet is vital, though admittedly less important than the second. The thing is, there’s a bit of a catch here: Your voice probably won’t be heard if you don’t choose the right person that will give you the type of unique wedding photography you want. So how do you find the perfect, unique photographer for you?

Research! It can’t be said enough – the only way you’re going to find the right photographer is by weeding through the hundreds (or even thousands, depending on where you live) of photographers offering their services in your area. Finding the person with the right style and flair takes a little bit of work. Search through online galleries and ask for referrals both online and from friends or colleagues.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, meet with them in person. Bring your fiance along and see how the three of you click. The end results will be a lot better if everyone is comfortable with each other. During your in-person meeting, ask the photographer how much input the couple has in selecting where and how photos are taken. This will establish right off the bat that you have a desire for unique wedding photographs that you had some say in.

A lot of unique wedding photography is special because there are special effects added either while shooting (special lenses or settings) or during the editing process (Photoshop is a blessing!) If this might be something you desire, inquire about their knowledge of such techniques and ask to see samples. Remember that too many special effects can be overkill and you’ll want some regular shots, too, so your photographer should be skilled in both.

Once you’ve selected a photographer, don’t be afraid to let him or her know what you want! Many couples have unique interests or backgrounds that should be highlighted in the photography of their big day. For example, if you two have a passion for motorcycles, ask for a shot of the two of you dressed in your wedding best on the back of your bike. Now there’s a unique wedding photo you don’t see every day! From props to locations, there’s plenty of ways to capture weddings uniquely.

Many brides are afraid to speak up because they assume their photographer knows best. Assuredly, your photographer knows what they’re doing – they went professional for a reason. But don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard in order to get the unique wedding photography you want.

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