Short Story Contests Are A Great Way To Get Your Work To Be Seen


Having a passion for writing is a wonderful thing and getting paid to do it is even better. You can get a better chance of getting published by entering short story contests. This is a way that you can get your work in front of publishers and get your work reviewed and quite possibly even win awards for your writing.

There are many contests out there that have different subject matter. If you have already written something you can submit it to a contest. If you see a contest that interests you, you can write something specifically for that contest. Many writers write short stories to get out there and earn money while they work on longer pieces.

Be prepared to also have a biography of yourself that is short and to the point. Tell a bit about yourself, if you have other writing credits and where the stories come from and your passion for writing. You can talk about yourself personally and what part of the world you live in.

Finding contests is easy by doing a query online or looking in a Writer’s market that is industry standard and you should have anyway. Your fees may be defined in each contest to enter your work. Some have mail in submissions and some you can upload or send via email.

If you have a desire to be in a certain periodical then see if there is a contest to get in there. It doesn’t hurt to go for the magazines and other material that you eventually see yourself in. Have a vision and a plan and get to submitting yourself.

You must realize that any winning of any contest is an accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. Many times an award includes having your piece published and you then are a published writer, which is your eventual goal. The more your work is out there the better and it will be seen by others who are looking for writers so entering short story contests is a great idea.

Discover more help to win contests with this great guide to winning contests.

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