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The art of digital scrapping is soaring in popularity. A quick online search will give you an idea of how many free or low cost tools, templates, and tutorials there are for the taking. It’s easy to find design concepts, creation software, and personalized help. Online scrapbooking chat rooms and communities help with technical information and ideas. It’s never been easier to produce gorgeous custom creations.

Restricting yourself to using just your digital photographs is no longer necessary. You can add hundreds of your older photos to your digital photo gallery for as little as 5 cents each. By sending your pictures to an inexpensive scanning service you can fill in those missing decades in your digital scrapbooks.

Perhaps an even greater benefit of scanning your photos than making them available for your digital scrapbook is protecting them from possible destruction or damage. When a scanning service saves your photos to a DVD it makes it possible to store a duplicate in two or three different locations. This insures their permanent survival, protecting your photographs from natural deterioration and damage from mold and moisture. Scanning to a DVD also allows you to share a set of your pictures with others.

Aside from using your digitized images for scrapbooking you’ll be able to create and purchase photobooks, buy specialized photo based novelties, and upload your photos to the net for sharing, all with a just a few clicks. You can also build slideshows with music to view on a digital picture frame or on a TV.

Use a photo scanner who will scan your ordinary photographs at 300 dpi. Lower resolutions than that are not suitable for creating a master record of your photos. Higher resolutions mean you are paying for something that you are not really gettinga better quality scan. But, make sure they save your scans as high quality jpeg files. High quality jpegs have bigger file sizes because they are compressed very little but they produce better images. These larger files can always be minimized for various uses, if necessary, but keep the original file.

If your scanning service offers automatic photo enhancement in the deal make sure to take advantage of it because a good photo enhancement program will do a nice job of improving most of your photos. But don’t overpay. The most important thing is to make sure enhancements are done from a copy of the master scans. Always use a copy of your master scans to edit or enhance. Remember that rotating or manipulating the scan file will eventually reduce the quality of the photo.

Spend a few minutes searching the web and you’ll find educational E-books, classes, organizational software, layout ideas, and scrapbook embellishment of every kind. Then find an inexpensive photo scanning service and make your precious memories come alive.

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