Santo Diving – the SS President Coolidge

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Santo dives include two of the world’s most accessible shipwrecks, the USS President Coolidge and the USS Tucker. Plus, on the reefs and in the underwater caves you can see hundreds of colourful and interesting fish.

Wreck and reef diving in Santo is suitable for divers of any ability, provided they have completed basic training.Great reef dives can be found in most areas of the coastline. Dive operators tend to stick to the south-east coast, where you will find the wrecks of the SS President Coolidge and the USS Tucker and an area known as ‘Million Dollar Point’.

These two quality wreck dives are just meters from the Vanuatu coastline, both highly accessible to those diving on Santo.

An American luxury liner converted to an American troop ship during the second world war, the SS President Coolidge sank just meters from the shore and is the premium dive in Santo. Novices can dive the main bulk of the ship, whereas more experienced divers can go deeper into the wreck to look at life on the inside.

The second wreck is the SS Tucker, an American destroyer that was stationed in Vanuatu during the second world war. Unfortunately it was accidently sunk by one of the USA’s own mines, and now it too lies just offshore, close enough to be accessible to those diving in Santo.

During the relatively shallow Million Dollar Point dive, divers can see huge areas of military war equipment simply dumped when the US Army left Vanuatu at the end of world war two. This Santo dive includes ammunition boxes, military vehicles and even the odd bulldozer – understandably making this one the most popular Santo dives.

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