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If you have a website you obviously want people to see it. You want visitors to pour in and help make your business rewarding. You want customers help you to slowly expand your little business to a larger and more popular one and you would do just about anything to see that happen…pay hefty sums for advertising, compose hundreds and hundreds of articles for ezines, get top notch SEO services to put you up on popular search engines….only you probably don’t have the kind of time or money to do any of those. Relax that needn’t end your dreams of making your site popular, you can still get the sort of mileage either of those options would provide you without pumping in the sort of money or time they would demand.

Welcome the D.I.Y method of SEO into your business and watch how it makes your ambitions work out for you.

Now, we have all grown to realize the benefits SEO can provide to our online business, but we have also realized, at various junctures, exactly what it costs us to earn that sort of benefit. Most SEO services charge you any where around a neat $4000 for optimizing only a few pages of your site and ranking just two or three of your site’s key words/phrases. The present rate for internal SEO work ranges between $40-$60/hour. External work can cost anywhere over $100/hour. If you own a small business or are a solopreneur then you know paying so much will shake up your entire bank balance.

Even if you are a part of a larger establishment you should probably know that if all the SEO responsibilities of the company’s site is taken over by an individual employee or a group of employees, then it will allow a lot of the company’s revenues to be saved, a boon for a company which fails to make the expected amount of profits by a narrow margin.

SEO companies are withholding a big secret from you. What they aren’t telling you is that earning good ranks at a search engine is really quite a simple job. And once you earn it you can settle there comfortably because all you will need then is a little maintenance and tweaking to help you stay there.

So you can put your site up on a search engine and also get a good ranking without anybody else’s help. Get yourself one of those easily available (and affordable) SEO guides, or land yourself a membership or software package on one of those sites online and learn the tricks which the swanky SEO company’s keep flashing in front of your face.

That is not to suggest that learning them will be a cake walk! Well wake up and smell the coffee….of course they won’t. But if you have a basic understanding of technical matters and a little wit to spare then you can have your website on its way up on the search engine result pages in less than two weeks.

But here is a little thing you must know if you intend to make SEO work for you all by yourself. Most of us who begin on SEO the D.I.Y way learn the tricks and techniques real well but then goof up when it comes to implementing them. That’s because most of us don’t have a plan of action. Now, when you are fighting a war (and believe me competition on the internet is a sort of war in itself) you have to have a plan of action and you have to see it through. Same goes for your SEO plan.

As search engine’s will be made more and more advanced with the coming years, marketing through them will only grow bigger and bigger. In the mean time all you have to know is whether you are willing to sacrifice good money on SEO services which gives you little or no benefit and yet charge sky high rates or whether you, as an enterprising individual, are ready to take the challenge of SEO’ing on your own capable shoulders and thereby determine your own fate for yourself, without the financial loss. The choice is yours.



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