Rome’s Eternal History And The Beginning Of The Arc Of Titus

Constructed to commemorate the capture of Jerusalem over the Jewish Zealots, The Arch of Titus is 1 of two residual arches and one of the greatest eminent landmarks in the Forum Romanum. It holds immense meaning in Rome’s past and merely cannot be visited from your Rome apartments, but rather has to be visited.

The origins of Titus begins with his father, Vespasian who was sent to extinguish the rebellion against the Roman occupation of Judea by the Jewish Zealots. Consequently, he was made the emperor where like father, like son, Titus became emperor of the Roman empire soon following in AD 79.

Unfortunately, he passed away just two years later in September AD 81 but the Roman Senate soon consecrated the popular emperor soon after.

Subsequently his brother, Emperor Domitian who was considered younger and not so accepted brother of Titus constructed the Arch of Titus that same year in turn to memorialize the esteem of his brother and the success in the Jewish Conflict which was dedicated in AD 85. Some also believe that Domitian built the arch to also take advantage of it himself.

The arc also contains numerous interesting relief sculptures, including the spoils of the Jersulam temple carried in triumphal procession and various depictions of the apotheosis of Titus (hence why Divus Titus refers to the arch inscription).

Constructed by the Frangipani family, the arc was integrated into their family’s fortress in the 11th century. Giuseppe Valadier later restored the arc in 1821, whereby the outer sides were reconstructed in travertine as a substitute of marble between 1822 and 1823 to make them discernible from the fundamental Arch of Titus.

The 15 metre high arch now remains at the highest point of Via Sacra situated at the Forum Romanum. These days it now stands as the oldest surviving case of the roman arch, although that many Jews till this day still refuse to walk under it.

Nevertheless, this recognized part of history cannot be seen out of your accommodation windows, but actually requires you to depart your apartment and check out this famous sight for yourself.

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