Rob Parnell Says “Write Screenplays That Sell”

The Easy Way to Write and Sell Screenplays by Rob Parnell, a professional screenwriter. Sells like hot cakes!

The average movie script is under 20,000 words – the length of about two or three short stories. The sad truth is that the average payment for a published short story is about fifty lousy bucks.

The average payment for a movie that gets ‘optioned’ – which means it only might get made, is $100,000!  And when the movie goes into production, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars more!

And the good news is it’s actually surprisingly easy to get into Hollywood because the demand for screenplays grows every day, because they need to fill thousands upon thousands of hours of film, cable, satellite and regular TV programming – not to mention DVD sales!

Here’s a quick overview:

Module One: Getting the Screenwriter’s Mindset. Here I explain the basic pre-requisites. Real easy stuff that will put you in the big league right from the start. How you need to think, feel and operate in order to best approach writing for Hollywood. This lesson alone will put you in the top 1% of contenders for Hollywood. And our Hollywood producers will vouch for that!.

Module Two: Ideas, Story and Plotting. I show you how you can easily use the ‘pitch’, the ‘synopsis’ and the ‘treatment’ phases to save you lots of time writing. In fact, I explain why it’s important not to write more than a paragraph ot two at the early stages – sometimes a lot less – because you really don’t need to, in order to get Hollywood interested!

Module Three: Writing with Integrity and Purpose. How to bring your ideas to life and maintain your vision – and maybe even change the world in the process! Here’s where I explain how you are already your own secret weapon. And how you can be yourself AND make decisions about your future wealth and importance as a force in Hollywood. Contrary to what you might think, YOU are ultimately in control in Hollywood.

Module Four: Brass Tacks, The Three and Four Act Structure. Here I explain everything you need to know to understand scene composition and script formatting. This is all very important when it comes to making your fortune. You MUST understand how Hollywood needs to see your work. This information is critical to your success – but is presented here in a simple, easy to follow way.

Module Five: Screenwriting is Rewriting. Here I show you exactly how to hone your stories and how to make editing and rewriting fun. Making movies is about collaboration. Everbody with the money to help you will want to pitch in with ideas to make the movie more successful – because everyone involved wants more money, right? As do you, of course. This lesson explains how all that works – and why it’s so important.

Module Six: The Final Draft. How to ensure you are objective and have approached Hollywood screenwriting with professionalism and style. Hollywood wants you to succeed – because that means they succeed – and everyone gets to make more money-raking movies. This lesson will ensure you come across well and that your script gets the green light without delay.

Module Seven: Getting Your Script Out There. Here I show how you can easily get your screenplay in front of the right people. Our experience is that Hollywood is nothing like you expect. Far from being standoffish, Hollywood loves writers – they can’t get enough of them. Let me show you how we got into the business – and just how easy it will be for you.

Module Eight: Raising Finance. How to follow up and generate more interest, funding and sponsorship. Making movies is all about making money. Once you grasp this concept, you’ll love all the meetings and discussions with producers, directors and studio heads that come with that. This lesson gives you an insider view from the top – so you’re well prepared to ‘hang out with the big guns’.

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