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Rules of the road are the laws that must be followed at all times by all road users. Although these rules apply to every road user, they more specifically refer to cyclists and vehicle drivers.

These rules are in place to govern the actions taken by drivers towards other other drivers and pedestrians. The basic road laws are written in an international agreement by authority of the UN.

These laws are not concrete in every country, and there are different local variations in the countries that it does apply in. On top of these basic road laws, there is a set of unspoken rules that are generally understood by road users.

An example of these unspoken rules (and probably the most obvious one) is that drivers are expected to avoid crashing into anything or anyone, whether or not the written laws allow the crash hazard to be where they are.

There are traffic lights and signs which need to be adhered to at all times as well as the written and unwritten sets of rules. Police officers are somtimes used instead of traffic lights and signs in heavily congested areas such as an accident zone, a busy crossing or any kind of traffic disruption.

It is unavoidable, as with any set of rules, that these laws are broken. If you find yourself having broken any of these laws, whether in a minor or major sense, the first thing to think about should be contacting a professional road law advisor/soliciter with lots of experience.

The right person really will prove to be an invaluable asset to your defence should it be taken as far as the courtrooms.

This perfect candidate will specialise in road law as a specialist will provide a far more efficient service than someone who dabbles in all aspects of the law.

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