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When it comes to hair there is no shortage of tools of the trade. There seems to be two categories such as the professional and non-professional. There are myriads of non-professional hair care items to choose from, the problem lies in knowing which is best for you.

Professional hairdressers face this very same plight when they are stocking up on their professional tools that they will need to use in their daily work. Although there is several equipment that is required, perhaps one of the most needed is the scissors. These seem to be the item that the hairdressers have the most difficulty deciding upon. They often in the past have become frustrated with having to buy several sets of scissors to do various types of cuts. In today?s modern technology it should come as no surprise to discover that there are now scissors on the market quite capable of the multi tasking. In other words one pair of scissors to do multiple types of cutting. It still means that ideally, you want to have several pairs of various scissors, but you do not need to have a box full of in order to adequately carry out your services. Let?s look at some of the demands a professional hairstylist has in respect to their scissors and the superior product that can easily meet the need.

Hair Type: Medium textured hair Techniques: General cutting of sections Feel: Soft Product:High precision stainless steel at 5-5.5 inch size for handling with a 35 degree angle for sharpness. This would be the 440C or better model Cost: $200 – $1,000+ Note: For 40-45 degree angle requirement the less expensive medium precision edge would be sufficient. These would be the 420J2 or even the 440A which are the cheaper two-piece alloys.

Hair Type: Medium to coarse hair as well as heavy hair sections. Techniques:General, feathering, chipping post color or perm cutting, slide cutting. Suitable for dry or damp hair cutting. Feel: Medium Product: 5-5.5inch cobalt based alloy. They will not corrode so are chemical resistant. Cost: $400-$1,500. Notes: The cobalt material these scissors are comprised of cut with a fine burr which breaks the tension of the hair and flows into the cut. Cobalt scissors that adhere to magnets are not true cobalts.

Hair Type: General Techniques: Sections of long hair, pre cutting bulk hair removal, line precision. Ideal for bobs and flat top styles. Feel: Medium to hard Product: Medium Precision Long blade 5.5?+ stainless steel 50degrees + Cost: $100. Notes:Cheaper models are acceptable as well as serrated edges

Hair Type: General Techniques: Close blunt cuts. Ideal for first sectional cut near the skin. Feel:n/a Product: Blunt Cutting Scissors, 4.5-5inch any alloy-medium precision Cost: $100 Notes: Should have fine 2mm tips. Hard set tips to avoid slipping. Perfect for beard touch ups.

Hair Type: Thick hair Techniques: Thinning out hair, chipping and graduated thinning and blending over comb. Feel: finer and softer Product Razor shears 5.5-6 inches steel with 30-40 teeth. 440C alloy or better. Originally known as thinning scissors Cost: $265. Notes: The cheaper brands bend and the teeth break easily.

Hair Type: General Techniques: Creation of texture and movement Feel: n/a Product: Quality texturizing scissors 5.5-6inch stainless steel consisting of 10-16 teeth. 440C or better. Cost: $265+ Notes: Fast to use

The scissors that we have discussed are the best quality type scissors that any professional hairstylist requires to complete all facets of hair cutting.

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