Review of The Wedding Sparklers Store

Review of The Wedding Sparklers Store

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The Wedding Sparklers Store is an online company that sells sparklers and other items for use at weddings. They have been in business since 2009, and since that point they have become one of the largest retailers on the internet for their niche of products. As a wedding planner, I have personally used their items on countless occasions, and the couples I do the planning for are always pleased with the way their sparklers perform. Because of all the great feedback my customers have given me about their sparklers, I’ve decided to write this review of The Wedding Sparklers Store so that any wedding planner looking for a quality company that they can rely on for sparklers and other unique wedding favors will know where to begin their search.


The thing that drew me to The Wedding Sparklers Store in the first place was their immense selection. I browsed through several different websites, and most of them only carry three different sizes of wedding sparklers in tacky looking packaging. When I found the The Wedding Sparklers Store website, I was pleasantly surprised that they had a selection of over ten different types of sparklers that were all specifically packaged to look elegant at a wedding.

Price and Quality

Though I was immediately impressed by their selection, I wanted to compare prices against some of their competing online stores. Across the board, The Wedding Sparklers Store had the lowest prices for all the various sizes and shapes of sparklers they offer. I also ordered some “sample” packages from the other retailers to compare the quality, and The Wedding Sparklers Store once again came out on top. Their sparklers were visibly better quality with a much thicker layer of the stuff that actually creates sparks. When I lit several different brands of sparklers side by side, the ones that came from The Wedding Sparklers Store always burned longer and created bigger sparkles.


Since I order a lot of sparklers for the couples that I plan weddings for, my orders are always over the $50 it takes to get free shipping. They ship via UPS Ground, so my shipments always arrive in 3-4 days after ordering. I suppose if you were ordering less than $50 of sparklers it may seem like it’s not worth the shipping charges, but if that’s the case you’re better off going to a local fireworks store instead to buy your sparklers. They won’t look as elegant, but they will be much cheaper than buying a small quantity on the internet.

Customer Service

By far the best thing I can mention about The Wedding Sparklers Store is their high level of customer service. I have only needed to contact them one time about a damaged shipment (which wasn’t their fault), and to my surprise a real human answered the phone after just 2 rings! Though the case of wedding sparklers was damaged by a forklift during shipping, they immediately sent out a replacement case and took over dealing with UPS on my behalf. This is a company that truly stands behind their products and cares about their customers. It was really nice to discover that there still are companies out there that actually value their customers, and The Wedding Sparklers Store is certainly one of those businesses.

The Wedding Sparkler Store

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