Reality Check! What Have You Been doing?

Today marks 90 days into 2012. The year will be 1/4 done.

What have you accomplished?

Where are the promises you made yourself on January 1st?

Imagine the little camera at the top of your computer screen was ON every one of the 88 days this year. If little green light was ON all along… what would it see? (It was there that whole time. What DID it see?)

Did it see you mapping out your action plan every day and executing it?

Did it see you deciding what you need to learn, and learning it?

Did it see you making real investments in whatever education you lack?

Did it see you putting new discoveries and instructions into action?

Or does it mostly see you frittering away your life, your opportunities, squandering your education, disappointing those who depend on you?

How about that microphone in your laptop?

How many excuses does it hear?

How much rationalizations? How much victim talk?

Does it listen to you shortchanging your future, telling yourself you’re too busy, too overloaded, too confused? Does it hear you complaining that life’s too hard?

If you wanna sit in a stupor dreaming about by-and-by in-the-sky…. if you want to punt on this life with dreams of reincarnation for the next…. hey, it’s a free country. But as far as I’m concerned you get ONE life. And this is it.


The worst thing you can EVER do is lie to yourself.

“I don’t really need to know how to do that.”

“I already know how to do that.”

“I’ll do that tomorrow.”

“Business will be easier when the economy picks up.”

“Those trainings are too expensive.”

“Things always manage to work out OK.”

“Maybe I can negotiate the price of success just a little bit. For a little while, anyway.”

People who think that way always end up with the man’s boot on their dead neck. At their funerals, their friends talk about how well-intended they were, instead of celebrating what they actually DID.

If you think this is too harsh, unsubscribe.

If you think I’m self serving and I don’t have a right to be, unsubscribe.

If you know I’m speaking the truth, get busy.

If you need new skills, you probably know it. Call my peeps and get the training you need. Phone number’s +1 (312) 386-7459. Nobody’s gonna shove anything down your throat. But if something we have is going to help you, they will make sure you know.

And…. if you put off thinking about this until someday, you’ve still made a decision.

Time is ticking. Ticking. Ticking. Once gone, it never comes back.

Perry Marshall

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