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There’s a lot involved with being a solo music artist these days. To produce quality-sounding recordings, you have to be ambitious as much as frugal. Getting a music career off the ground can take a lot of money, and so you have to think about all the different ways you can save. Even with hip hop music, the effect of having someone literally behind a drum kit in the studio is unsurpassed. But there are many programs that are making great strides to simulate that sound. An essential to a full studio sound is percussion, and if you aim to save money you should consider these beat making programs.

You might be thinking, “what are beat making programs?” Well they literally are exactly what they sound like. Programs and software designed for those who need beats to be able to make them simply.

There is an ever-increasing amount of these programs, and to be fair, most of them work rather well. I have compiled a list of what ratings and reviews have labeled as the best on the market right now. They are not in any particular order, because side to side, these programs are all basically neck and neck.

Many people consider this first program to be the beginning and end of beat making. That you need to look nowhere else but with Fruity Loops to make quality beats that rival what you hear on the latest CDs. The software boasts an ease of use based on its general set up. For the more advanced functions and options, there are extensive tutorials for the users to abide by. You can literally take this software and make great beats within a few hours if you take the time to learn what you are wanting to do. Check out a trial version here: and if you are impressed, expect the full package to cost somewhere between $50 and $100.

Another popular model of beat making software is part of the line put out from Sony software. It is compacted in with recording software known as Acid Pro. The most popular version of Acid Pro is 4. 0, although it has undergone a few upgrades since this version. The best thing about Acid Pro is that while you have a vast amount of options for beat making, you can also record on top of that. This is a plus for anyone trying to make quality rap beats, or just looking for good recording software that supplies drum accompaniment. The full version will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $175. You can try a trial of the latest Acid Pro programming from here:

The first two programs mentioned were exclusively for those with Windows operating systems and PCs. If you have a Mac, you might consider Reason. This is the highest regarded fully functional recording software for Mac users. Similar to Acid Pro, Reason has an even more extensive library of available sounds and additions to your percussion. Another similarity is the ability to record on top of making beats. While this has been labeled the most complicated to learn of all three of these, many people who use this software with success say that with enough dedication you can make beats on Reason that you can make no where else.

So why aren’t you already making beats?

Making beats is literally as simple as a download anymore. With a little bit of practice you can really make the software worth your time and your money. At any rate, its cheaper than hiring a good drummer to sit in your studio for a couple hours.

Even with R and B music, the effect of having someone actually behind a set of drums in the studio is unsurpassed. An essential to a full studio sound is percussion, and if you aim to save cash you should consider beat making programs and beat making software .

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