Ready To Start Your Blog?

BloggingStarting a blog, either for pleasure or in the hope of making profits, is an exciting prospect.

More and more people are choosing to start one in their own specialised subject. But, many people jump right into it with a lot of consideration to the theme than to the topic and the posts. Therefore, prior to starting your blog, I want to challenge you to sit down and figure out at least 50 post ideas, and write up at least 10 of them.

Why should you think of 50?

Ready To Start Your Blog? Good, Now What Are Your 50 First Posts?

There are lots of great factors to actually do this task (and not simply read about it).

First of all, it’s your make it or break it test. Thinking of starting a blog on a particular topic? Well, if you’re unable to bring to mind at least 50 topics off the top of your head either you aren’t really keen on writing about it, or you have picked too narrow a topic. Bear in mind that many blogs take about a year to really get going. Therefore, if you can’t come up with a minimum of 50 then you’re going to be having difficulties after 6 months and maybe give up before you eventually make it.

Second, one of the most crucial thing in starting a blog you want to be popular is to post ‘epic content’. Content which is amazing, informative, sets you up as an expert so people keep coming back. Making the effort to list out 50 possible topics will allow you to determine the amazing ones from the less amazing ones.

Third, if epic content is the most important thing, then being consistent as a blogger is the second most significant. Nobody tunes in on a regular basis to a blog that might or might not have something new that week/month. The moment people first arrive at a blog, they find it as more authoritative and interesting if there are frequent updates. Therefore you need to be posting 2-3times a week if you want to make a good impression and keep people coming back. Thus, when you have a list of topics already prepared, and can even suggest in posts about upcoming relevant topic you may be writing about, your blog is going to appear a lot more organised and long-term.

How do you think of 50?

So, have I convinced you that you’ve got to have a list of possible topics written out? Great. Now is the time to look at which you could obtain the best ideas from. Here are some top suggestions for developing your list.

1. Start with Google Keyword research. You should already know what keywords you are targeting in your blog (otherwise, definitely do this first). Making use of keyword research tools then you’re able to determine what related words people are looking for. It is useful information regarding what your audience wants to understand. For instance, thinking about writing a blog about Young Adult fiction? If you look it up, Google will tell you that many people search for the related ‘Twilight – Meyers’. Blog post? I think so.

2. This is a good tip from Pat Flynn as Smart Passive Income (would love to claim it as my own, but the academic in me is screaming plagiarism). Visit Amazon or Google Books and do a search for your keyword. This will showa selection of books relevant to what you wish to write about. Using the preview function, take a look at their content page. Bam! In front of you is a range of topics that you can be writing about.

3. Another great suggestion I’ve learned is try splitting your posts into different types for your area. For instance, if you are playing to post three times a week you might have Information Monday, How-To Wednesday and Review Friday. Then you just need to think of about 20 ideas under each one of these. For a blog on house building you might have some Information posts on many types of architecture, How-To various renovation projects, and Review the top tools of the trade. This will make it quicker to think of topics, and determine what to write.

4. Related to the last tip, I strongly recommend breaking information posts into series. You don’t want your posts to be too long, but still give plenty of important material making people feel like you know a lot regarding the area. Writing a number of posts every Monday on a topic can help you narrow it down so it’s not too large, but still deal with everything people want to know. For example, take a post on barefoot running. With this one idea, you can make at least three excellent posts that link to each other. You can do one on the history of barefoot running (why it has suddenly become so recognized), major techniques you need to know to run effectively, and a post on the different types of barefoot and minimalist shoes. One idea, at least three posts.

5. My last tip has helped me a lot of times. Go to Forums. Go to the places that your target audience already are at and find out what they want to learn about. Forums are perfect places for getting post ideas because your audience is literally letting you know ‘I want a post about this.’ I am often surprised by the questions people ask and think ‘How can you not know that already?’ But fortunately for me, they don’t and I do. In addition, after writing your post then you can return to the forum, answer their question and put a link to the full post!

Therefore, using these tips, it should only take you a small amount of research to come up with 50 topics for your blog. This is time that is not wasted. When you’ve done this, take a minimum of 10 of those topics, write up the post and save them as drafts. You’ll thank me for this in the future. Trust me.

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