Real Life Identity Theft Stories : Learn From Them

Read about real life identity theft stories and you would understand the gravity of this problem.

Many have been victimized by the modus operandi of these thieves. The most common that they do is that they use your financial information for their own gains.

Conduct a very thorough research about the establishment you are dealing with and do not just give personal information right away to anyone. When purchasing a commodity online, make sure that the online shop has a secure payment system.

In order for a purchase to be possible using a credit card online, one only needs to enter the credit card number, the security number at the back and the name of the account holder. No calling from the bank will happen and the store cashier will not call you and ask you if you are indeed the owner of the credit card. Besides, why would they do that when they cannot even see you in the first place.

You need to be careful with your financial accounts. Someone could steal it and your life can change in an instant. You know the scary part there is that you do not know what the other person can and will do using your name.

Review all your billing statements, not just your credit card billing statement but all statement of expenses in the house and in your business including bank statement. As with bank statements, you need to be able to reconcile your deposits and withdrawals to the current balance of the account. Go over the checks you have issued for the month and the checks you have deposited and withdrawn as well.

And if you are the one who does not check one by one the items reflected on credit card billing statement, then you will have no idea that you have been defraud and that unscrupulous individuals have got their hands on your personal information. Therefore, remember to be the one to swipe your credit card in a restaurant. You can just ask for a sales representative to bring the swipe machine to you and you will be the one to do the swiping of the card yourself.

If there is an item there that you think should not be there, then contact the issuing bank right away. Likewise, always check the balances of your accounts in banks. The bank statement will aid you in examining the deposits and withdrawals that you made over a given period of time. Reconcile your checks with the balances of your bank accounts.

They know what you usually purchase with the credit card. If they saw that a deviation in the pattern, they will immediately report it to you by contacting you right away. Usually, they would call because it is faster to verify things when you call. For you also to be able to know the things that you need to do in order to avoid getting your personal information stolen, you can read books and journals that relate to such cases.

When that happens, that will be the start of nightmares. You would wish you had not left the credit card on the table. There are other real life identity theft stories that you can take lessons from. Some people made a good book out of them and published them for other people to know.

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