Norton Security 2.0

$ 89.99

Powerful Norton protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets

– Rock-solid Norton protection for all the devices you use

– Specialised security for each of your devices

– Peace of mind thanks to privacy protection

– Flexible protection to grow with your needs

– Guaranteed protection

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Norton Security 2.0

  • One solution to protect your devices
  • Provides protection against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks
  • Maintains your privacy, no matter what device you’re using
  • Avoids unsafe websites and suspicious downloads
  • Allows you to move protection from one device to another
  • Lets you add more protection as you get more devices
  • Easily locates lost or stolen smartphones and tablets

Norton Security 2.0 1 user 5 devices card is perfect for people with multiple appliances such as PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets Norton identifies files and applications which are safe and dangerous using feedback from over 175 million users to proactively avert threats. Always be up to date, with automatic downloads and installs when you are not using your pc so features and products are ready when you are. Emails are kept tidy with the spam block feature keeping your inbox free from junk and unwanted attachments Norton Safe web alerts you of any unsafe websites before you visit them and file guard password protects your files to keep them safe from intruders and scams All this security and so much more comes as standard. This is a must for any internet user

Box Contains: 1 x Norton Security 2.0 In 1 User 5 Devices Card

Rest easy with rock-solid Norton protection for your devices
The PC on your desk. The smartphone in your daughter’s hand. The tablet and Mac in your family’s travel bag. Yes, we cover them all.

Stay safe with specialised security
Our protection helps keep your devices safe. Your PC and Mac are protected from viruses, online threats, identity theft and financial scams, while your smartphone and tablet are safe from loss and privacy concerns like unwanted access to your messages, contacts and photos.

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to privacy protection
Your privacy. Your contacts. Your messages. All safe and sound.

Ensure your devices are always protected
As you change the devices you use, we stay nimble and flexible, letting you easily move protection from one to another. New device? You’ll be able to protect that one, too.

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6 reviews for Norton Security 2.0

  1. AM Carter

    By AM Carter
    Platform for Display:PC / Mac Standard Packaging|Edition:1 User 5 Devices|Verified Purchase
    Turned up early,loaded from the site well,on my laptop and phone,mothers laptop,and daughters laptop and phone,good value for 5 systems

  2. Mike Grifffiths

    By Mike Grifffiths
    Platform for Display:PC / Mac Standard Packaging|Edition:1 User 5 Devices|Verified Purchase
    Have used Norton for years, not the cheapest, you can get free Anti-Virus but I like it, trust it as far as any one can and it gets top or nearly the top reviews after all the tests in the various Computer Magazine. Got a surprise when all I got was a card with a Registration number on it but did what it said and it loaded onto both my computers with no problem. Hope to load it onto my Tablet when I get round to it, using another make at present but will probably change soon, that will be 3 of my 5 devices, that was a surprise as well, must read what I am getting more closely, I had thought it was 3.

  3. PF Cope

    By PF Cope
    Platform for Display:PC / Mac Standard Packaging|Edition:1 User 5 Devices|Verified Purchase
    You can tell a reviewer who’s getting on a bit when they say “why can’t they print the instructions larger?”…so yes, I am getting on somewhat but this is the only criticism I have so far for Norton’s newer version of Internet Security. Originally I was thinking of changing to Bullguard but given the price for five devices it’s a bit of a no brainer.
    Thus far, Norton 2.0 has been put on three PC’s, two with the 2013/2014 Norton version and one with Bullguard and none of them has proved to be problematic. The new version, on detecting older Norton automatically uninstalled and then loaded, while Bullguard needed a simple uninstall prior to loading. If you follow the instructions on the enclosed card and input the product key to commence proceedings it should go without a hitch.
    I like the new interface of 2.0, it is logical and easy to navigate not only for the everyday tasks but also to customise to your own requirements, and so far seems to have had minimal effect on the speed of the PC’s. There is also an optomisation function built in which seems to work quite efficiently. Please be advised that 2.0 does take over defragmentation duties of the drives unless you change the settings otherwise.
    Well it’s so far so good, but like most software, time will tell and I will update the review should it be necessary.
    I have now installed this package on a fourth PC and, as with the others it went perfectly. It now functions on two running Windows 7 and one each on Vista and Windows 8.1. No issues as yet!

  4. JB

    By JB
    Platform for Display:PC / Mac Standard Packaging|Edition:1 User 5 Devices|Verified Purchase
    Loaded on my laptop easily enough, haven’t been successful loading on my mobile yet – think I need to check some of the settings. I like the improved interface, it will encourage me to make better use of the product rather than just running live update and scans.

  5. Customer

    By Customer
    Platform for Display:PC / Mac Standard Packaging|Edition:1 User 5 Devices|Verified Purchase
    Be careful when installing this. It’s a great programme, but can be tricky to download and install. A web search will give you a number of websites, all very official looking but in no way connected to Norton. One that my son stumbled into when attempting to install it on this PC for me at was first contacted by phone, then got permission from him to share this computer, and stated that Norton could not be installed because his computer had been badly hacked. He was then told that he’d have to pay £49 to Microsoft US on a phone number the supposed tech support would supply for a basic clearing of the hacking or £79 for a more complete job. He was told it was because he used Facebook – but it’s my computer and I’ve never used that. At that point my son belatedly realised this was a scam, even though the website had appeared quite genuine, even with an 0800 tech support to call. So he ended the telephone call, saying he’d have to consider it, and shut down the computer. I’ve since had the computer gone over by a friend who is a computer techie and no, there’s no evidence of hacking. But please…… if you go to install this and have trouble be sure who you’re dealing with.

  6. Debbs

    By Debbs
    Platform for Display:PC / Mac Standard Packaging|Edition:1 User 5 Devices|Verified Purchase
    First class Norton and a really helpful team to answer any questions or problems – all devices covered in one go – excellent !

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