Ebay University

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You know all about Ebay don’t you?

The place where people go to buy things, everything in fact.

It’s their first port of call.

Here they are, actively looking for a product to purchase, credit card in hand, in the buying mode, and boom, you sneak it in front of them at the most opportune time.

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Ebay University

Using my method, you can find your way into virtually every imaginable niche and next to virtually any physical product listed on ebay.

When determining your niche, just start by picking something you like, are familiar with, already do, already know about, etc…

If this is your first experience with internet marketing, or you simply don’t have a particular niche in mind. Just browse ebay until something pops out at you.

This course is not about competing but complimenting.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

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