15 Secrets of Women on Facebook

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Being a woman myself, I understand so much about what makes us unique and what our needs are.

But how I first found these “secrets” for marketing to women was in my work as Director of Sales for a Direct Sales company who marketed primarily to women.

It was my job was to help my company tap into those factors that made a woman want to buy.

I NEEDED to know:

 What is her life like?
 What makes her buy?
 What are her HOT Buttons?
 What does she need/want?
 What makes a product irresistible to her?
 What keeps her coming back to buy more?

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15 Little Known Secrets for Marketing to Women on Facebook

Women are a POWERFUL force on the Internet today ~ a force that will only be increasing in the coming months and years!

Fact is that women are responsible for or directly influence almost 81% of Internet buying decisions. In addition, lots of women are in charge of the purchasing for companies that they work for (have you thought about that??).

This would include products that men “typically” buy along with software, services and much more.

What if I also told you that there was a good possibility that the man thinking about buying your online product or service just might have his  wife, girlfriend, sis, mom, or other female acquaintance taking a look at your sales page…

Because a highly regarded second opinion from a trusted female often determines whether he should buy your product or not. Puts things in a whole new perspective, doesn’t it???

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