Practice Your Brain For Success By James Malinchak

James MalinchakPractice Your Brain For Success

Train your mind to believe that you WILL achieve your goals. When it comes to success as an entrepreneur or a public speaker in an industry, nothing can be achieved unless you first believe it. Your brain is a muscle. The way to accomplish full muscle capacity is through proper exercise of your muscle (brain).

Like any other muscle in your body, the brain needs exercise to grow, to become stronger, and to increase brain performance.

I’m certain you have heard of Bill Gates. If you have not then you probably have at the very least used computer software designed by his company, Microsoft. Bill Gates shows up as the wealthiest man in America with an approximated net worth of $100 billion. (That is right, a billion!)

Bill was asked in a recent interview how he develops distinctive concepts and ideas that continually put Microsoft at the forefront of other software firms. His response was astounding and simple.

Bill gave an account of his childhood. He said that one day his mother can’t locate him around the house. Finally, she opened the closet door and saw him sitting there in the dark closet. When his mother asked him why he was sitting in a dark closet, he replied, “I’m thinking.” Bill emphasized in the interview how crucial it is to exercise your mind as it responds to repeated exercise.

When we take the time to focus, our ability to think clearer becomes much more advanced.

I have mentioned before how valuable it is to be still and to think. Just like a younger Bill Gates, we all need a peaceful place to enable our neural pathways to make connections for us. This means that new learnings and new memories are affixed to old learning and old memories. Certainly repetition and patterns allow us to improve these skill sets. This connection allows us the ability to assimilate new problem solving skills including faster recall.

Therefore, there’s an old saying, “Repetition is the Mother of Skill,” meaning that you need to practice the basics over and over again to get the best results. Studies have revealed that it will take roughly 21-30 days to create a new habit. This means that if you desire to create a belief in your mind or change, it ought to become a natural routine after focusing on it for 21-30 days.

Imagine how much clearer your thinking could be if you could spend a few minutes a day being quiet to think for a whole month! You potentially design the next new remarkable idea or problem solving for your business whether you own a speaking business or any other niche!

“The key to success is to study. Your brain must be exercised like a muscle – work it well.” -Joe Weider, Chairman of the Board, Weider Publications, Creator of Muscle & Fitness magazine

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