Pond Building – The Wildlife Option

Wildlife Pond

Wildlife Pond. Ref: safapond.com

Clean waters and fish are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an outdoor pond. It’s very rare to find an adventurous soul that will take the challenge of creating a wildlife outdoor pond.

First let’s define what is a wildlife pond. A wildlife pond is a natural environment hosting a self-sustaining ecosystem. A spot in your property backyard where nature has regained full control and you are merely an observer.

How to create a wildlife outdoor pond?

1. Select a site close to nature, where wildlife have free access to your pond.

2. Follow the building tips described below.

3. Place naturally rich water into it.

4. Let nature take control.

5. Eventually, the environment will take control and transform your pond into a nice natural bog.

What can you expect? Well, if you take care of the details, you will have an autonomous ecosystem filled with a variety of living creatures and with little need for maintenance at all.

How to build a wildlife pond. Creating a wildlife pond is very similar to any other informal outdoor pond, but you will need much less equipment as you don’t need filtration and aeration, your ecosystem will take care of the this. Your pond also won’t have fish in it, as they will threaten your insect population.

The best place to locate your wildlife pond is at an edge of your backyard, as close as possible to nature. But avoid problems, far from your house and neighbors property as the pond will attract insects, toads and other animals.

Leave the area around the pond untidy, high vegetation can be a nice hiding spot to animals you want to attract.

The secret elixir of life. Find an existing wildlife pond, a better option is a naturally occurring one, and borrow a small quantity of “dirty water”. The contents of this water will introduce naturally occurring organisms that will populate your pond.

What kind of animals can you expect? The water borrowed from the natural pond will start an insect population. Your first visitors will probably be pond skaters and eventually dragonflies. With insects in place yo will start attracting their predators, toads and birds. If your site won’t let easy access to animals you can by some toads and introduce them to your backyard. But if your pond start growing mosquitoes or other undesirable insects you can add snails to keep the water clean.

Backyard ponds can be found in a large variety, and we know that wildlife is not the common choice, but if properly executed a wildlife pond can be a magical spot in your backyard.

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