Pocket Bike Parts For Personalization


Pocket bikes are mass produced on assembly lines and as a result seem to have lost a little bit of grit and personality from the days where they were only available to those with the heart to build one from scrap. For the enthusiasts today who want to personalize their pocket bikes there are numerous specialized shops that sell pocket bike parts specifically for the purpose of building or customizing a pocket bike.

There are engine parts, frame parts and performance parts for pocket bikes. The engine parts is self explanatory and the frame parts is anything visible once the bike is put together. It makes up the exterior and the body of the bike. The performance parts are modifications that alter the performance of the pocket bike. These parts come together to form the entirety of the pocket bike and each piece makes the bike customizable to the owners preference.

While they are different in build, pocket bikes engines share a lot of similarities to law mower engines in that they are both typically four strokes. But the two engines are not interchangeable because of the direction the engine shaft is aligned.

What you can do, however, is find an engine that is specially built for pocket bikes. These engines are now improved for the specialized needs of a pocket bike. Double stroke engines are easily available at most bike shops and offer around 49cc of power. You can also find something that has 110cc for larger bikes like the super pocket rockets.

The frames makes up what most would consider the body of the bike. It is the visible shell that gives it the stunning look as well as the interior skeleton that holds the pieces together. It also includes the seats and tired. Anything that can be seen visually can be part of the frame and it is what supports the weight of the bike itself and its rider.

The performance parts are some of the most fun because they will increase performance and makes the pocket bike faster, stronger, and more fun to ride. Also, the customizations that pocket bike owners can do range from small amateurish upgrades to full-blown professional modifications. This includes anything from changing an air filter to better tires or something more advanced like installing a two piece high compression heat kit to upgrading the reed cage.

Then there are accessories to the bike that can enhance the riders experience but does not change the performance of the bike. It is the bells and whistles that make the neighborhood kid jealous. Things like an LCD screen for digital display, or upgraded seats for more comfort will fall into this category.

Whatever the case, pocket bike owners of all ranges can customize their bikes to improve their experience by changing just a few parts or all the parts. Some people would even prefer to buy the pieces and put it together as they please. There are also kits available for some of these hands-on people. The options are limited only by your creativity and imagination. Oh yeah, and funds.

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