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Could Obstacle Course Races Be Used?

Picture a landscape where you have a lot of room to move about it but throw in gaps to jump over as well as tall heights that have to be climbed. Obstacle course races feature these characteristics and then some, allowing you to go about activities that are high in intensity.

It seems like this great level of action can be seen in certain video games. In terms of jumping, climbing, and things of that nature, I believe that platforming games can be told about.

“Sonic the Hedgehog” may just be one of the most fast-paced video games ever, especially when you look back at its start during the 90’s. There weren’t many titles that expertly blended breakneck speeds with precise platforming but this one seemed to be more than a cut above the rest.

In fact, many people were quick to dismiss Mario at the time in favor of the blue hedgehog himself. However, this is a character who may view as a legendary hero more than a modern-day mascot.

For an example that’s more modern, you may want to consider “Mirror’s Edge” and its main character, Faith. This female protagonist is all about moving fast, utilizing parkour in tandem with combat in order to traverse the top of one skyscraper after another.

It’s clear that she fits well into the athletic protagonist category with such names as Nathan Drake from “Uncharted” and Ezio Auditore from “Asssassin’s Creed 2.” They each have the ability to take on whatever terrain there is and that cannot be understated.

Obstacle course races should be found in more games today because I think people would be able to appreciate the fast-paced nature of them. There are sports series such as “Madden,” which have been successful because of the engaging content the titles possess.

It should also be noted that while there are some who believe the games can stand an overhaul, others seem to like the sense of familiarity. Potential games with these races are fresh, though, and could stand to incorporate elements from occasions like Spartan Race.

How much complexity would the developers put into these games, though? I think that all depends on the level of work that they want to incorporate.

I think that it goes without saying that obstacle course races are varied and it may prove to be a challenge to find each game that these events fall under and incorporate them in a way that is enjoyable to the player. However, with the success of sports games ever since gaming began, the work may prove to be worth the reward.


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