A Planner’s Review of Wedding Day Sparklers


Wedding Day SparklersA Planner’s Review of Wedding Day Sparklers

Recently, I had the great privilege of doing business with a company named Wedding Day Sparklers which offers wedding sparklers, Chinese sky lanterns, and wooden roses for sale on the internet. I was immediately turned on to Wedding Day Sparklers because of their large selection and very low prices, which is very useful since I buy in large quantities at a time. They also offer free shipping on all orders, so I was able to save a little money compared to paying for freight out-of-pocket.

As a wedding planner, I often try to find vendors that I can use for several years to come because it is a huge headache to try to find a new vendor every few weeks when the need arises. Most of the vendors I use I need to order from on a regular basis, so I like to build a good relationship with them from the onset. Much to my liking, you can actually speak with a real human being when you call into their offices and they work quickly to get everything setup the way you like it. Most companies have an answering machine or phone tree you need to navigate through if you want to speak with somebody in person, but these guys actually answered on the first ring.

More importantly to my business is the ability to buy a wide variety of sparklers and other items. Wedding Day Sparklers has the largest selection I’ve seen by far with several lengths available, as well as a nice variety of different colored sparklers. They even have sparklers that are shaped as hearts and numbers, so the couples I handle can get something really romantic or even write out their wedding date for photos. Being able to order sparklers based on the needs of a particular couple really makes shopping easy and allows them to have the best wedding possible.

They also have wooden roses available which are a great alternative to real flowers for your wedding. The best part of wooden flowers is that they have a wire stem that can be bent easily so you can attach your roses to all sorts of things. They also never dry out or stop looking beautiful, so you and your guests can cherish them as a keepsake for many years to come. Overall, I’m very pleased with everything I purchase from Wedding Day Sparklers as well as their customer service, so I really can’t recommend them enough!

Mark Lazarchic

For more information about their products, visit http://weddingdaysparklers.com/ for all the details.


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