Plan for Your Small Business On Social Media

social iconsPlan for Your Small Business On Social Media

Below are three of the best ways to get started on honing in on your social media strategy:


Maybe you don’t consider yourself a writer, or maybe you’re worried you don’t have the time. It doesn’t matter. There’s never enough time. Blogging is imperative to the health of your business! Google likes it when it comes the web and finds links to your blog posts on your business website – it means you might be popular. Effective blogs range in length from 300 to 500 words – the longer they are, the less likely they are to be read in full by your audience. If you’re wracking your brain for appropriate topics, you can always respond to other things going on in the news relevant to your line of work or conduct easy question/answer interviews with people involved in your line of work. Generate a list of 20 – 30 topics to get started with, and move through them one by one. Once you start writing and posting, begin sharing the link to those blog posts across all social media platforms.


When it comes to Twitter and Instagram, the combined use of images, keywords, links and hashtags together are crucial in attracting more followers and ensuring your tweets get ranked higher in Twitter’s search engine results.


You already know about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But don’t ignore all of the other sites – YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. When in doubt, take photos or make videos about things that are relevant to your business and what makes your business great.

Best of all, your social media efforts help to build brand recognition and loyalty and increase your probability of falling within Herbert E. Krugman’s Theory of Effective Frequency, which states that a customer needs to come into contact with your brand three times before making a decision as to whether to consume or purchase your services, or disregard them entirely. Some research has also suggested this is as many as five times, but at any rate, visuals of your brand in intelligent, fun and relevant social media content go a long way toward getting the results you seek – seeing your small business name rank high in search engine results.

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