‘Pizzazz your Pictures’ The Power of Image Editing at Tintota


This is how it works. We take a photgraph you send to us and we change it 12 times!

The changes are random.

The software is blindfolded and your single images is spat out to look something like this…

We then take it a step further and randomise the picture quality thus..

Not content with fooling around just a couple of times we may do this…

Or maybe?

A nice vintage feel, but hold on, lets turn up the heat a little..Now that’s what I’m talking about! Stark and Vibrant!!

A little more…psychedelicious?

Lets say you want a pencil effect?

Ok, now that’s just plain weird..but I kinda like it!

How do you follow that?

Ok thats my favourite!!

So do you get the picture?

Do you want the picture?

Lets DO the picture!

They are totally original & ready to frame or use as a screensaver inside 24 hours!


Only £25 the set (or $35)  Just £15 or $25 for a second random collage set.

Want yours? editor@tintota.com

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